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Pictures That Talked (Rudely)

Pre-Code Films (1929 - 1934)
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The Production Code Of 1934

Can't get enough of those witty, wonderful, sex-filled, murderous talking pictures made between 1929 and 1934? Well, here's the place to discuss anything and everything having to do with the glorious pre-Code cinema!

Related topics can include risque moments in silents, as well as film noirs - which were a direct result of the Code.

Not a lot of rules. Just stay on topic. Serious discussion as well as the fun and frivolous are both welcome here! I just ask that you don't disrespect the films or stars. Keep it positive.

Photos, icons, and colourbars are okay, too. Just as long as they involve pre-Code stars or films! As with all LJ communities, please put large and/or multiple photos behind a cut.

No unrelated ebay advertisements or community promos, please. If they are related to pre-Code films, then they are ok!

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Your mod is amy_jeanne; have fun!

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